Mark Askegaard

A fifth generation farmer and graduate of North Dakota State University, Mark Askegaard has a passion for preserving the land and promoting the health of communities through organic agriculture and local foods. He transitioned his farm to organic in 1995, with his primary crops being wheat, soybeans and flaxseed. Mark is proud to serve on several committees that aim to promote local foods including the Minnesota Grown Advisory Committee, and the University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Developmental Partnership. In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family - his wife, Barb, and two daughters, Claire and Beth. 

Favorite Season at the Farm: Summer. I love to watch the growth of the crops and witness all of the changes that they undergo in a short period of time.

Favorite Crop: Wheat. It's beautiful, especially when it waves in the breeze. 

Favorite Farming Activity: Planting. Every year is a fresh start and planting is filled with anticipation, excitement, and new life. 

  Beth (Askegaard) McConnon


Beth graduated from North Dakota State University in 2012. A sixth generation farmer, she is proud to work alongside her father in an effort to promote the local, organic food movement. She enjoys all aspects of her job - from working in the field, to distributing products to local grocery stores. She manages the farm's social media outlets and loves sharing her photography. Beth is active as a producer for the Prairie Roots Food Cooperative and also gardens a variety of vegetables. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her husband, Tony. 

Favorite Season at the Farm: Summer. I love the vibrant colors in the fields and garden. Fall is a close second, because nothing beats the crisp, fresh air of harvest. 

Favorite Crop: Flax. It's so beautiful. The field looks like an ocean of blue. 

Favorite Farming Activity: Working ground. It's rewarding to turn-over the soil and expose the rich, dark, organic matter underneath the surface crust...and the soil smells so good after it's been freshly tilled!

Beth and her husband, Tony

Beth and her husband, Tony

Mark with his wife (Barb), daughters (Claire & Beth), and son-in-law (Tony).

Mark with his wife (Barb), daughters (Claire & Beth), and son-in-law (Tony).